The miracle of unity

(An expression of my urgent desire to unify our Muslim brothers, and to show my gratitude that at last we have overcame partisanship by having a unified eidul fitr celebration here in Bacolod)

The chinese had always that thought of a first step leading to a thousand steps. A small stone is as important to a pyramid being built as part of the whole edifice. Or that word being spoken by Blas Ople that he is just a mere cog in a goverment machinery. A janitor must be able to set the tone of work in an office by cleaning it thoroughly, setting the chairs right, the tables and the comfort room. For those who worked in that office, entering it with a first glance they may understood that somebody doing a menial work had made the first strike of doing his job well that they have to atone for it. Of course it is being felt and understood by a mind of high value. A long line will not be realized with a single dot missing.

And now our fingers, even though they are not of the same size but they complete each other. A hand missing a thumb cannot easily hold a spoon to feed a mouth. Everything in a factory must work together to achieve the best quality product. Each stick in a broomstick is essential to effectively wipe out the trash. A stick cannot do it by itself because no man is an Island.

If three alifs stand alone, they will have the value of three. But if they unite and become one, standing beside each other, it strengthens them and will acquire the value of one hundred and eleven. This is the miracle of unity. He who has ears let him hear and he who can see let him understand.

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